About Me

A Little Bit About Me:

Hello, my name is Hillary and I am Candied Photography.

I currently live in rural Belwood, Ontario on a little country property I share with my husband Joe of 7 Years, our dog Bronx, and our three amazing children, Andelyn, Archer and Odin.

My love for capturing life in the still shots that is photography, began a few years ago.  I have always been a person with a natural ability to add my creative touch to everything, and turning life’s moments into art became something that simply made me smile.

Soon after, I took a step towards learning more about the technical side of taking photographs, and enrolled in a part-time college photography course.  There, I upgraded to a slightly better camera and a couple lenses, and started to feel more and more confident as I enhanced my skills.

Through taking the photography program, I discovered my specific love for Portrait Photography, and decided to concentrate on capturing life’s moments.  Whether it be a couple in love about to be married, an expectant mom, or families and friends, I wanted to share in those sweet moments.

That is when I created Candied Photography.  I had and idea… to turn photography into something sweet …like a bakery or candy shop would be.  My mission was born:
“Capturing life’s candied moments” …like a Candid moment dipped in sugar.

It’s time to turn your special moments into something sweet and cherished that will last for generations to come.  So Welcome to my site, and I hope you stay tuned for a taste of what’s to come, and never stop creating those sweet moments we call life!


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