A Photographer’s Bucket List

There are a few of nature’s phenomena that only come around so often. And as a photographer – I am dying to capture them. …however, not just the moment themselves, but as a breathtaking portrait. It’s hard enough to grab my camera in time to photograph some of them, but to be lucky enough to have a portrait session scheduled right at the EXACT time – that would be pure luck.

Topping my photographer’s bucket list are: a thick foggy morning, and the more rare – hoar frost.

Fog is tricky. Some days fog can linger all day, but the fog I’m after is that heavy, low, eerie fog that swirls around the trunks of trees, allowing tall grass to peek out above it. I would love to just place my subject right inside that ground cloud, and hold down the shutter.


This type of fog typically occurs just before Golden Hour… which, for most people, is much too early to have their photo taken.

Hoar Frost on the other hand, is even trickier. For those who don’t know what Hoar Frost is, picture white ice crystals radiating off of every single surface around you. It is quite a site, and quite beautiful. Apparently it happens on cold clear nights when conditions are just right.


“Under suitable circumstances, objects cool to below the frost point of the surrounding air, well below the freezing point of water” (thank you Wikipedia), so you can probably guess that if I didn’t have a session already booked that morning, I wouldn’t be so lucky. And to make things worse, as soon as the sun begins to touch it, it melts.

I also wouldn’t mind a session in the mountains of BC and Alberta, but since that would cost a pricy plane ticket, I will have to work with the much flatter areas Ontario. đŸ™‚

What’s on your Photographer’s Bucket List?


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